Innovative Learning Journeys between East and West.

3E is an education consulting company based in Shanghai. We ideate, prepare and implement executive education solutions across East Asia and Europe with a team of specialised experts. Our partners are universities, business schools, corporate academies and multinational companies. 


Academic Solutions

New inspiration for Business & Management 

3E designs innovative study tours and modules that provide first-hand insights into global trends. We support our partners from the planning stage until the execution on-site. Participants experience inspiring academic workshops, unique industry visits and cultural activities that broaden their horizons.

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Logistics & Implementation

Travel, Excursions, Events, Logistics, Billing

We’ve got you covered. As an independent multilingual partner with lean structures we can provide solutions faster, with more flexibility and at a competitive rate compared to a scenario in which the implementation is outsourced to various different providers.

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Executive Education

DeliverING Exec-Ed Programs abroad

3E supports the implementation of ExecEd programs with an experienced team and a strong network of industry leaders and academic experts. We have expertise in the areas of international business, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, digital technologies, logistics, supply chain, industry 4.0, and e-commerce.

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A selection of recent partners and clients



Participant’s Feedback


"I have learned an incredible variety of information about China and its culture in a way that made me curious for more and brought up completely new perspectives. I understand a lot more about China and the way it works; socially, economically and especially regarding the industry I work in. And I am excited to find out more."